Preparing your home

There is a misconception that in order to get your home ready for sale, you will need to A. Give it a head to toe makeover and B. Spend a large sum of money. In fact, the secret to making your home instantly appealing to buyers, is to simply start viewing your home as a practical item to be sold.

Present What You Have

In order to sell your home quickly and avoid it lingering on the market for months on end, it needs to be presented as well as it can be. Your buyers will be looking for a loved and tidy home filled with light, space and storage. This doesn’t mean installing a new bathroom and kitchen to WOW your potential buyer, it means completing those DIY tasks that you have meant to get done but just haven’t had the time. Presenting a home that clearly shows it’s been cared for, will only be an attractive feature to the buyer.

First Impressions Count

Let’s start outside, how does your house look on its approach? Is the garden over grown? Does that gate need painting? These simple tasks don’t take much time and will give the buyer a nice feeling as they come into your home. The entrance should be as great as you can get it without forking out large sums of money. Take a look at the properties surrounding you, make sure yours looks just as appealing if not more appealing than the rest.

De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter

As you enter your home, you want to ensure it is de-cluttered and clean, this will instantly make your home feel more spacious. Make sure all those children’s toys, paperwork, shoes and coats are away and ornaments and furniture are on the minimal side. Your buyer will be viewing your home as their potential home, they will instantly be sizing up your rooms and storage space to ensure that their furniture will fit. Give your home a thorough spring clean regardless of the season, ensuring there are no stains on the carpet, odours lingering on curtains and make sure those tiles are sparkling. If you have pets, make sure the house is completely pet and fur free. A home that carries animal odours is an instant turn off to buyers.

Each Room Has A Role

Give each room a purpose and dress the room to illustrate this. For example, in our home the dining room has over the past year merged into a play room. By dressing the room with a large dining table and de cluttering, it not only gave the room a purpose and the house an additional selling point, but it also increased the size of the room instantly.

Neutral Is The Only Way

If your home is full of colour, a really beneficial and cheap idea would be to neutralise it. Light colours will make rooms feel bigger and a lick of paint will freshen the property and take away any unfavourable colours. We all have unique tastes when it comes to home décor but in the case of selling your home, we need it to appeal to everyone. It’s natural for your home to be a place of memories with children’s paintings on kitchen cupboards and family photos and ornaments scattered around rooms. Removing these can help the buyer imagine what your home would be like as their own home, so having it as clear and neutral as possible will only act in your favour.

Lastly, a tip which we personally love, flowers. Everyone loves a fresh vase of flowers; they smell and look beautiful and are a lovely subtle touch to your home.

Remember, great presentation combined with a competitive selling price is more favourable for a quick sale.


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